The Third Dimension

Just to celebrate the approach to 3D-modeling with Cinema 4D. Do your own best in the third dimension!
Hi Apple!

Exercise ofproduct and packaging restyling for Apple's iTunes aiming to a professional target.
Fashion addict

Yet another exercise of logo restyling for Harkò, a service supplier for fashion dealers...
Ghost Busters

Exercise of logo restyling for Cicap, italian association for study and denial of unsolved misteries and unexplained "paranormal" activities
Italian Version

New curriculum vitae for italian people.
What...? So you speak...swahili?...doh!

Future Film Flyer

An old flyer for a school contest; aim: advertise an animation workshop inside the '09 edition of Future Film Festival.

hurry up!
Music Kills Me

Vector tee Graphic for Zuzu contest "Kill me Music";
thanks to those who rated it!

Under 16 are not allowed

This one is "A fresh point of View" for vodka consumers, a work I sent for a contest some months ago.
The crafter's site was very good-looking at the time, so why don't check it now?
If you are the legal age, of course.

Open your eyes
Photo retouch
and photo-manipulation classwork;
ten minutes to unlock her sixth chackra

see original - see retouched 

Into the blue (sign)

Concept for Swimming Pool Association sign system.

Polite and fine and where's the...oh, yeah, there it is...
(do you understand)?

...let's Dance it again!

Concept for a compilation booklet,

inlay card and cd-label. A look back to the '80.
So fashionable...mmm!

Tributee No.01

Machete is Tributee n.01, dedicated to Rodriguez and  the fake trailer opening "Grindhouse - Planet Terror" ;

"...they just realized 
they f*ck*d with the WRONG MEXICAN!"

oooh yeah! it's Mordesign Logo Story
Latest Tributees!

"Il Madrino" is Tributee n.0, dedicated to Maccio Capatonda (Marcello Macchia) and all the comedy actors who performed in his masterpieces like "Il Vecchio Conio" or "La Febbra";

Try it on!